Healing with Horses  |  a documentary about a local mission with a global message

Karin’s horses have touched the lives of many.

We need your financial support to share more stories about the healing power of horses.

Proceeds from the full-length documentary will help support the ongoing mission of Karin’s Horse Connection at Legacy Stables, with the emphasis on Adaptive Vaulting.

Karin’s Horse Connection’s innovative practice of Adaptive Vaulting at Legacy Stables is a 501 (c)3

Would you like information about Karin’s Horse Connection?  Visit KarinsHorses.com
You can also contact Karin at LegacyStables.Karin@gmail.com or (616) 570-1106

Would you like information about how to support the full-length documentary?  Contact the filmmakers at HWHDocumentary@gmail.com
Jeffrey T. Morgan – 231.342.3877     Amber G. Elliott – 231.632.0998